PLH Group Spotlight – Teresa Schneider, CDS

PLH Group Spotlight – Teresa Schneider, CDS

Think you can win the DOT Regulations trivia game? Not a chance if paired against Teresa Schneider, the DOT Compliance Manager for PLH Group. Her knowledge of the rules and regulations is vast, however she believes compliance is the easy part. Going above and beyond is Teresa’s true goal, insuring all the company’s vast fleet of 1,000’s of trucks are properly maintained and safely equipped for work every day.

As an employee of PLH Group for four years, Teresa thrives on finding solutions for the fleet managers and all 13 SBUs alike. During challenging seasons like DOT Brake Safety Week and the annual three-day International CVSA (Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance) Roadcheck event, she works diligently to ensure everyone is doing their part and staying safe in the field.

When not helping the field operators with compliance issues, Teresa sets her team up for success through DOT Training, gate check audits and crafting her now famous “Traffic Alert”. Even though the goal is to be DOT compliant, Teresa says; “It is not all about following the regulations, as those are the bare minimum standards. PLH Group goes above and beyond, it is part of our Excellence Program and corporate mission. It’s not all about compliance, it’s about the little things and keeping everyone safe.”

When Teresa is not at work you can find her crafting quilts (See Love For Kids article) or spending time with her grandchildren. Mother of four boys and grandmother to eleven, even at home safety is key with the little ones running around. Teresa sets the example, what she preaches at work she practices at home.