Oklahoma Gas & Electric

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Oklahoma Gas & Electric

Project Scope

The approximately 99.2 mile Oklahoma Gas and Electric (OG&E) Woodward District EHV to Hitchland Double Circuit 345 kV Transmission Line exits the Woodward District EHV Substation in Woodward County and crosses Ellis, Harper and Beaver counties to interconnect with SPS at the western border of Beaver County, OK. Power Line Services is self-performing all construction related to receiving, spotting, assembling and erecting monopole structures; static, OPGW, double-bundled 1590 kcmil 45/7 ACSR “Lapwing” conductor installation; and aerial related construction requirements.

Project mobilization occurred on October 1, 2012. Substantial completion is February 3, 2014.

Construction Approach

PLS is utilizing PLH Group companies Auger Services for the installation of drilled pier foundations, and Air 2 assisting with wire stringing operations. The projects will have a peak labor count of approximately over 100 personnel and more than 75 pieces of equipment.

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