Safety Programs Contribute to Company’s Significant Safety Performance

Safety Programs Contribute to Company’s Significant Safety Performance

Rooted within the company’s core values, “safety is fundamental to the way we work and live” is a leading PLH Group belief. The organization’s 2017 safety performance emphasizes how this core value has been adopted throughout all 14 PLH Group companies, with an especially remarkable performance of zero TRIR incidents by two entities—Air2 and R.B. Hinkle. A leading contributor to this outstanding safety performance is the successful design and implementation of company safety programs.

At the corporate level, all PLH Group companies follow the same core values, participate in the PREVENT System, and the electrical companies are affiliated with the OSHA Strategic Partnership Program. In addition to proper training, PLH Group encourages each entity to create additional safety programs specific to the work and culture of their particular organization. From this design, our talented professionals have created successful safety programs, such as:

A common trait within all PLH Group safety programs is that they not only equip employees with the tools and knowledge to perform their job safely, but also create a safety-focused mindset. With this approach, employees learn safe practices in all aspects of their life, making safety not just a workplace value, but a way of life.

“No matter what PLH Group company office or worksite you visit, you will immediately notice that safety is forefront in all we do. This is emphasized by the strong safety performance of our companies in 2017, especially the remarkable accomplishment of zero TRIR incidents by both Air2 and R.B. Hinkle,” said Mark Crowson, PLH Group CEO. “This is a remarkable exhibition of our employees’ continued commitments to safety for themselves and their fellow coworkers. This accomplishment is not only significant for the health and safety of our employees, but also demonstrates the safety approach taken to complete our projects.”