It’s Not Too Early to ‘Dig In’ to the 811 Campaign Tool Kit

It’s Not Too Early to ‘Dig In’ to the 811 Campaign Tool Kit

Common Ground Alliance (CGA) makes it easy to participate in the next ‘call before you dig’ industry awareness campaign with their go-to 811 Tool Kit and PLH Group, Inc. is prepping to deliver this important message to employees and customers alike by ‘digging into’ these abundant resources.

This fast approaching one-day event, you guessed it, is on 8/11/2017 which celebrates the 10th anniversary of the FCC designated number.

Anyone, this means homeowners (for fencing or decks) as well as pipeline construction contractors must call 811 to have underground utilities marked before embarking on digging projects. This can prevent unfortunate mishaps such as cutting your neighbor’s cable, or more serious accidents like gas line explosions.

The 811 Tool Kit is loaded with free social media goodies as well as tips for corporate safety events and informative videos in English and Spanish. Also available are fact sheets and infographics with statistics like “every 6 minutes an underground utility line is damaged because someone decided to dig without first calling 811”.

So gear up your safety department and get ready for 8/11/2017. When it comes to underground utility and pipeline construction, ‘know what’s below’ and make the 811 Tool Kit your place to go.

Visit the 811 Communications Plan and Calendar to reserve the 811 car for an upcoming event.