PLH Group’s Secret for Putting Their Core Values Into Action

PLH Group’s Secret for Putting Their Core Values Into Action

When you think about a company’s core values, what comes to mind? Honesty and dependability? Standards for sure, but it really depends on the type of organization you’re talking about. A core value should be fundamental to the company’s culture, highlight what’s expected of its’ employees and be enduring. But to be truly effective – a core value must be enacted.

PLH Group has four core values, and they are inextricably intertwined to make up this company’s DNA:


About a year ago Mark Alan Crowson, the CEO of PLH Group, pitched a great idea to the marketing department:

Create a plaque that lists our four core values – and send it to each of the 15 entities.

So, PLH’s marketing manager jumped on the idea, but went a step further.

Why not poll all 14 entities for ideas on the layout, size, and display of the plaque and put teamwork into practice?

All fourteen PLH Group Infrastructure Construction Solutions entities agreed their ‘CORE VALUES’ plaque had to be creative, modern, and eye-catching. Voilà!

We Value People, Encourage TEAMWORK, and Treat Everyone with Respect

The feedback was professional, prompt and unanimous: a traditional white background and wooden frame wouldn’t cut it. The plaque had to be creative, modern, and eye-catching.

The end result was a classy black lacquered plaque with white, yellow and blue lettering. Each entity now proudly displays the new plaques in a common area for all employees and visitors to see. Some comments about the brand-new plaques are: “it’s really awesome and impressive,” “what a great reminder of what the company stands for,” and “it’s an honor to work here.”

Another great example of PLH Group’s Teamwork is how they support charitable organizations nationwide. Take for instance, Love for Kids, an organization that supports at-risk youth. Last year PLH employees raised $2,200 in an effort to help the organization teach kids about biking safety, and the importance of wearing a helmet.

PLH employees also support Warrior Wellness Solutions, a community-based organization focused on training, educating and empowering wounded, ill and injured service members and veterans.

Our Business Approach is PROFESSIONAL, Rigorous and Disciplined.

Since 2009, PLH Group has assembled a team of top quality companies that deliver comprehensive services for the electric power and oil and gas pipeline industries – everything from heavy drilling equipment to helicopters that ferry miles of electrical lines. Needless to say, this is dangerous work.

Which is why SAFETY is an essential core value.

Pipeworx offers oil & gas pipeline construction and facility installation services, the company proudly displays their Core Values plaque.

Safety is Fundamental to the Way We Work and Live

“Safety first” is a mantra PLH Group lives and breathes. These words are at the forefront of a program called PREVENT, which is a comprehensive system designed to integrate safe work practices into every step of any given task – anywhere, anytime. One aspect of PREVENT is something called a “Safety Moment,” which is the first item on the agenda at employee meetings. A Safety Moment can cover any subject matter from Fatigue to Tire Safety.

Air2, LLC has two similar safety programs, one’s called “The Safety POSSE” or “Personal Observation or Safety Suggestion by Employees,” which is designed to encourage employees to submit their safety ideas for possible implementation; and the “Good Catch” program, which rewards employees who identify a potential incident or accident, but due to their quick action no harm was done.

These are just a few of the safety initiatives in place, as safety is at the forefront of the company’s culture, and it’s engrained in all employees, even outside of work.

Which leads to the next core value – INTEGRITY.

Integrity is Doing the Right Thing Even When No One Else is Looking

There are everyday heroes at PLH group that serve as shining examples of the company’s core value Integrity.

One such person is Mr. Tavares Owens, who works for R.B. Hinkle construction. When Mr. Owens went to work in early August 2015, his day started out as a normal one on the job, but it ended up being an extraordinary one. Mr. Owens was working with his crew on a large underground construction project near the Washington National’s Ball Park, when he witnessed a man fall over on a sidewalk near the site. The man had suffered a stroke, but due to Mr. Owens vigilance and quick action, his life was saved. Showing appreciation for Mr. Owens going above and beyond the call of duty, last year he received the R. B. Hinkle “Above and Beyond” Safety Excellence Award.

It goes without saying that PLH Group employees are inspired to do the right thing – both on and off the job, but you may ask why this is so…

PLH’s answer is simple – when you lead by example and take action in the causes you believe in, others are inspired to follow in your footsteps.

This concept is expressed in the book, “Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action”, written by Simon Sinek. Copies of this book were handed out at the annual Safety Summit, a conference safety director’s attend every year.

The following passage from the book seems to be written just for PLH Group:

“It’s human nature to be drawn to leaders and organizations that are good at communicating what they believe. Their ability to make us feel like we belong, to make us feel special, safe and not alone is part of what gives them the ability to inspire us.”

The bottom line is PLH Group’s core values are more than just words on a plaque; they are actions that inspire PLH Group’s employees – every day.