Courteous Driving

Courteous Driving

Have you ever noticed that you are a different person in the store, waiting in a checkout line than the person you are while driving through traffic? Unfortunately, shoppers tend to be a little more mindful of the ethics of shopping than motorists are when it comes to rules of the road. I bet you would never go through the store shouting at other shoppers, cutting in line and being just plain rude. So, why would you do it on the highway?

Some bad driving habits are unsafe and at the same time just plain rude.

  • Speeding and most people don’t realize it but driving too slow is also unsafe.
  • “Hogging” the road – not allowing vehicles to merge.
  • Loud music – you listen to the music of your choice and let others listen to theirs.
  • Failure to signal – this includes lane changes!!
  • Tailgating – it’s extremely dangerous and have you ever noticed how angry you get when someone is tailgating you?
  • Texting While Driving – NEVER acceptable! Also, make sure you are using a hands free device if you must take a call on your phone while driving.
  • Eating while driving – the same for applying make-up PAY ATTENTION to the task of driving, take care of make-up, shaving, etc when you are safely parked or take the extra minute and do it before you leave.
  • Driving while fatigued – you may think this only affects you but, it is very dangerous to other motorists also.
  • Double parking or parking too close to the lines.

This certainly is only a small example of rude and unsafe driving behaviors. Now, let’s focus on the next list and practice some safe and courteous behaviors that will make us all better, safer and friendlier drivers.

  • Use your signals.
  • Follow at a safe distance.
  • Observe the speed limits.
  • Allow other vehicles to merge and/or change lanes when necessary.
  • Refrain from texting. Turn your phone off or download one of the many apps that will automatically advise people you are driving and will respond to them later.
  • Have patience with other drivers, you don’t know what they might be going through.
  • Comply with all road rules.
  • Get your vehicle situated in the “middle” of the parking space or if parallel parking get close to the curb.