Powered while Empowered: PLH Group Sends Many Attendees to Energetic Women Conference

Powered while Empowered: PLH Group Sends Many Attendees to Energetic Women Conference

Hundreds of women (and some men, too!) will be heading to Orlando, Florida, June 20-22, 2018 for the 11th Annual Energetic Women Conference. The supercharged group of attendees will experience three days of leadership skills building, networking, industry tours, educational sessions, and even some morning “sweatworking” aerobic classes.

In attendance will be many of PLH Group’s high performing women and men, including those representing various PLH Group power line and pipeline entities, Air2, LLC; TESSCO Energy; Snelson Companies, Inc.; and R.B. Hinkle Construction, Inc.

“It’s an honor to attend a conference that is focused on the steadfast talent that women bring to the energy industry,” said Dina Holstead, President, R.B. Hinkle.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Be all INvested”. Keynote speaker Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour will reiterate that message by reminding attendees of the permission they have already been granted to engage. Her speech is sure to charge and excite all in attendance.

Additional thought-provoking and intriguing speakers are included in the agenda, as well as a series of leadership enhancing sessions. The conference will conclude with a speech from Sam Glenn titled, “Become Your Own Superhero”.

Sunita Khorana, President, Air2, said, “I am excited to experience the energy that this conference is sure to bring by welcoming so many brilliant and accomplished women into one room. It will be motivation to continue pushing industry standards to the next level.”

Similar to last year, PLH Group is proud to be a Contributor Sponsor by sponsoring a mobile device charging station.

PLH Group’s amazingly talented group of attendees are in for a real treat. We have no doubt they will leave the conference charged and empowered.

Feeling energized already? Follow @EnergeticWoman to experience the charge of power that will illuminate during the conference.