Energy Drink Safety

Energy Drink Safety

Things are starting to buzz, everyone’s getting busy again. Crews are out across the South on exciting new pipeline and powerline projects, out West we are as busy as ever, and Canada clicks along like clockwork. With this work comes increased workloads and longer hours. While we know that proper hydration is the key to staying healthy and productive, sometimes we reach for a drink that can give us a boost when we are feeling tired.

Whether it is a cup of coffee, can of soda, or even an energy drink, we must always remember that these drinks should only be consumed moderately, and abuse can be very harmful. Healthy caffeine amounts for the average adult should stay below 500 mgs daily, and exceeding 700 mgs can be dangerous. With the widespread use of energy drinks these danger levels are being exceeding more and more often, sometimes with deadly results.

Caffeine isn’t the only ingredient found in these drinks that can potentially be harmful, either. Energy drinks can contain guarana, taurine, cyanocobalamin, and ginseng, as well. Even though these are basically harmless when taken in low dosages, studies have shown that these ingredients can be extremely harmful when taken in large amounts.

Studies of energy drinks show that the common ingredients, such as sugar, sodium, and caffeine, are dangerous when taken in high amounts by diabetics or people with high or low blood sugar. Even an average person consuming an energy drink that’s extremely high in sugar can feel like they’re trapped in a speeding, out‐of‐control elevator that’s crashing to the ground when a sudden drop in insulin levels kicks in. Think what it would do to a person with underlying heart conditions. The stimulating properties of energy drinks can also boost the heart rate and blood pressure, sometimes to the point of palpitations.

Remember that while a quick energy boost can help in the morning, there’s nothing worse than the crash afterwards that can disrupt your focus on the task at hand. This has even caused concern for some of our clients, who now prohibit the use of energy drinks on their locations.

The table below shows a comparison of a few of these energy drinks: