Environmental Impact Analysis

Environmental Impact Analysis


The Foreman or Crew Leader should conduct and document a job environmental impact analysis to identify all Environmental Hazards associated with the job task.

  • It is important to identify and communicate all environmental risks associated with a work activity, and the controls or practices in place to avoid or mitigate impacts on the environment;
  • Utilize project site maps to identify the environmental risks and plan mitigations;
  • Communicate Flagging or Signage adjacent to the work site; and
  • Refer to the JHA/JSA Reference Sheet for additional guidance.

What task will be performed?

ROW Site Clearing (“Prep”), Grading and Restoration, Excavation, Ditching, Blasting, Drilling, Foundations, Assembly, Erection, etc.

What are the Environmental Hazards associated with this task?

Disturbing or Altering Water Bodies or Wetlands

What Mitigation Actions are needed?

Discuss approved travel and access to work site, prior to starting.

What Control Measures must be applied?

All crew must be informed on the approved travel and access to the work site, prior to start. This should be communicated during orientation and documented on the JHA/JSA.