Green Halloween Tips

Green Halloween Tips

Tip 1: Trick or Treat with Reusable Bags

  • Carry reusable bags that don’t need to be discarded.
  • Cloth or canvas shopping bags, even pillowcases are terrific eco‐friendly alternatives.

Tip 2: Make Do‐It‐Yourself Costumes

  • Instead of buying a new costume you may only wear once, make your own from old clothes and items you have around the house.

Tip 3: Give Eco‐Friendly Treats

  • Growing variety of eco‐friendly and organic candy (chocolate, lollipops) available from local organic stores.
  • Choose treats that use little to no packaging.
  • Buy locally produced treats.
  • Consider alternatives to candy such as colored pencils, small box of crayons, or other items you may find at a local dollar store.

Tip 4: Walk Instead of Driving

  • Stick close to home and avoid driving to other neighborhoods.
  • Reduce fuel consumption and get some exercise!

Tip 5: Eco‐Friendly Halloween Party

  • Feature locally grown, organic pumpkins, apples, and other food items.
  • Instead of discarding carved pumpkins, use them for pies, soups or other dishes.