PLH Group’s Power Line Restoration Crews Ready for Hurricane Dorian Power Outages

PLH Group’s Power Line Restoration Crews Ready for Hurricane Dorian Power Outages

TESSCO emergency power restoration crews fuel up readying for Hurricane Dorian’s expected Labor Day landfall.

As Florida and southeastern U.S. begin evacuations ahead of Hurricane Dorian, PLH Group electric power emergency response crews are among the first to arrive before the possible category 4 storm.

Edison Power Constructors, Power Line Services and Tessco Energy immediately mobilized crews from Texas and Florida to assist in storm restoration efforts. They are among the many thousands of utility transmission distribution contractors working alongside Florida Power & Light to get power to residents and businesses as quickly and safely as possible.

Dorian is due to hit land late Monday or early Tuesday, according to the National Hurricane Center. Along with local, state and federal emergency responders, the region’s utility companies are prepared for multicounty and state power outages that could match or exceed damage from previous power outages.

As Dorian makes its’ way to the US mainland, PLH Group storm responders are already en route with a special trailer in tow. It will serve dually as a command center carrying all required equipment and tools for storm restoration work.

PLH Group Powerline Construction Services has emergency response experience for all types of natural disasters from fire to ice storm and tornado to hurricane recovery. Edison Power Constructors’ crews were an integral part of the recovery effort after Hurricane Irma knocked out power to 6.7 million Floridians in 2017, two-thirds of the states total.

Edison Power Constructors Storm Response trailer heading east, geared up and ready for action.

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