PLH Group and Employees Provide Relief Funds for Hurricane Harvey

PLH Group and Employees Provide Relief Funds for Hurricane Harvey

When news of Hurricane Harvey’s devastation spread throughout the nation, PLH Group employees banded together to help make a difference by working with the company to setup a donation program. PLH Group Inc. is matching donations from its employees to provide funds for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Employees are encouraged to donate to the charity of their choice, while PLH Group matching donations will be routed to the American Red Cross.

PLH Group is based in Irving, TX and has business units located in Houston, TX so the impact of this storm hits very close to home. In addition, significant construction work for PLH Group business units is performed in the gulf coast areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. “As fellow Texans, we want to do our part in helping those in need. Many of the communities affected are customers, employees and industry colleagues and PLH Group wants to help the recovery efforts as much as we can” says Mark Crowson, CEO of PLH Group Inc.

In addition to monetarily helping the recovery, several business units from PLH Group are working with local utilities to help restore power. These business units are collaborating to help provide the best possible service to help local utilities. Please contact PLH Group at if you have any questions on how we can further help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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