Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle Safety

May is Motorcycle Safety Month

You may not ride a motorcycle but you still need to know motorcycle safety tips in order to safely drive and share the road with motorcycle drivers. You should pay special attention to these tips, especially if you’ve never been on a motorcycle because you don’t know what it’s like from their perspective. Make a conscious note to specifically watch for them, even more so now that the weather is warming up.

“Do you see that crazy guy swerving?”!!! We’ve all made that exclamation while driving when we see a motorcycle rider swerve on the roadway. The truth of the matter is, he could very well be making a lifesaving maneuver by swerving. You see, that pothole you run over in your car or truck may jar you just a little bit, or even worse it may screw up your vehicle alignment. From the perspective of a biker, swerving around that pothole could be a lifesaving maneuver!!

Some roads are literally an obstacle course for them. You know how roads are these days, potholes everywhere. Bikers must really must be alert. They also have to factor in a few things you probably don’t think too much about while you’re driving. Road kill, oil spots and litter on the highway all have to be taken into account for motorcycle safety.

So, how about next time you give them a little space and let them swerve? The best way to be safe around motorcycles is to give them plenty of space. If you need to pass them, do it quickly and never lose sight of the bike.

Make sure you check twice! Check your mirrors and blind spots for other vehicles. Now, check again for motorcycles. Practice this at intersections and when making lane changes. Motorcycles have a small frontal area and are much harder to see. Also, don’t try to turn quickly in front of a motorcycle. It could be traveling faster than it appears. Make sure you are being a responsible driver. Don’t let other things distract you from doing the job at hand…..driving safely.

Let ‘em enjoy the freedom of riding a bike. Let’s do our part to motorcycle riders safe. These folks are our friends, family, neighbors and coworkers. Share the road safely and responsibly. Safe driving is everyone’s responsibility.