PLH Group and the OSHA Partnership Advantage

PLH Group and the OSHA Partnership Advantage

Want to take your utility infrastructure construction company to a whole new level in safety? The OSHA Strategic Partnership Program (OSPP) might be the perfect way to do it.

PLH Group has done just that through a unique program called The Electrical Transmission & Distribution Partnership to “ensure that we remain proactive in our safety efforts” said Mark Crowson, CEO of PLH Group an energy infrastructure contractor.

Photo Credit: U.S. Department of Labor ET&D Partnership Steering Committee December 19, 2013

This partnership is comprised of 17 members, 13 of which are some of the largest Electric Transmission & Distribution construction contractors in the nation. Other members include OSHA, IBEW Labor Union, Edison Electric Institute (EEI), and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA).

Such partnerships are specialized, and this particular program was developed specifically to address the many risks involved in the electric power distribution industry, especially with electric distribution lines, high voltage transmission lines and electrical substations.

It is a kind of ‘two heads are better than one’ strategy, where along with OSHA the coalition aims to anticipate, identify, evaluate and control such safety hazards as electrocution, burns and falls. This coalition is collaborative, as any competition between the members is put aside to share information and lessons learned. The ultimate goal for all is to lower risks associated with the dangerous work involved with electric power supplies.

By design, the OSPP is built to achieve the highest level of safety standards and ultimately participants may lower worker’s comp rates, injury, illness and even absenteeism. In fact, since PLH Group entered into the partnership program, there was significant reduction in injury, illness and fatalities.

What is the OSPP? OSHA serves as a liaison between other utility infrastructure construction companies to formulate unique three to five year agreements defining methods to eliminate hazards and improve workplace safety.

How does it work?

The partners coordinate with OSHA to address health and safety issues then develop strategies, goals and performance measures to address these issues.

For more information on how to get started in the OSHA Strategic Partnership Program see their Fact Sheet, OSPP homepage and FAQs.

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