Parking Tips (Part 2)

Parking Tips (Part 2)

This article continues to address different types of parking maneuvers along with a few tips you can practice so you can master each them. This is a word about general parking safety and awareness and a couple of things a driver can do to avoid a parking lot incident.

Forward-First/360° Walk-Around

Many vehicle incidents can be prevented before the engine is even running. Time after time, there is an incident where somebody backed into another car, a pole or ran over a bicycle in the driveway. Why did these incidents occur? Because the driver simply wasn’t aware the object was there. How can this be avoided?

    • Complete a 360° walk-around of the vehicle prior to starting the engine.
    • Employ forward-first principles when parking.
    • Use spotters whenever possible for backing or driving in tight or obstructed-view situations.
360° Walk-Around

This 10-second trip completely around the vehicle will highlight any items that may not be visible from behind the wheel and also give the driver a quick look at the condition of the vehicle. This practice does not replace any other type of daily inspections, but it does provide another chance to catch damage that may have gone unnoticed throughout the day’s events as well as prevent another incident.


This practice addresses parking in shopping mall, hotel and store parking lots. Whenever pull-through parking is possible (see photo), drivers should always choose that method. If pull-through is not possible, drivers should attempt to create a situation where the first movement is forward when leaving a parked position. This can often involve backing into a parking spot, which should be performed with the use of a spotter (if available). If there is more than one person in the vehicle when it is being backed in, the non-driving person could exit the vehicle and perform duties as a spotter. If no assistance is available, the driver should ensure the backing area is free from obstructions prior to backing into the area. If your vehicle is not equipped with a back-up camera, the driver should get out and Stay Alive