PLH Group: Your Complete Pipeline EPC Service Partner

PLH Group: Your Complete Pipeline EPC Service Partner

Printed in the June 2015 Issue of Pipeline & Gas Journal

Pipeline operators are entrusted with safely and reliably transporting vital products such as oil, gas, water or slurry, often across great distances. Infrastructure incidents are quite damaging from a health and safety perspective as well as the bottom line. To minimize risks, specially staffed and equipped service contractors are needed for new pipeline infrastructure and for repair, replacement, expansion, and modernization projects.

PLH Group is a leading provider of construction, maintenance and engineering services, including EPC and system integrity services, to major oil and gas producers, midstream companies, utilities, and renewable energy developers. Through its family of top-notch North American companies, PLH Group provides a one-stop-shop for pipeline engineering including design and feasibility studies; construction and maintenance; horizontal directional drilling; and right-of-way (ROW) clearing and restoration.

The Secret to Our Success

It is well understood that EPC contracts represent a significant investment and there is no margin for error. PLH Group’s six subsidiary pipeline companies have a rich and successful history of EPC work, but what truly sets PLH Group apart is its standardized, disciplined project management methodology. All of the companies follow the same project management framework for all aspects of the project, from start to finish.

This advantage is further enhanced when a dedicated project manager (PM) is assigned to coordinate and oversee the complementary efforts of each sister company. This integrated approach with a single point of contact promotes clarity, collaboration, agility and economic efficiency, as well as convenience for the customer.

Engineering and Procurement: Starting Off Right

IPS Engineering/EPC

IPS lays the groundwork for the project. The Engineering team kicks off the project and collaborates closely with Procurement, Construction, and the customer to ensure alignment for project success.

IPS capabilities include:

  • Project management: All principals and PM personnel have extensive hands-on PM experience. A web-based proprietary Integrated Project Management System (IPMS) facilitates the tracking and management of the complete project.
  • Engineering, design, mapping, and GIS: Safety-first engineering, design and field services, scaled for small or turnkey projects, utilize the latest pipeline design applications and a proprietary GIS Routing Tool.
  • Land management and surveying: ROW analysis and acquisition, chain of title tracking, permitting, surveying, document control, and related services are executed with the utmost precision.
  • Procurement and materials management: Material and equipment purchases, factory tests, inspections, logistics, and warehousing are tightly managed using web-based interactive material tracking tools.

Construction: Successful Completion

Snelson Companies, Energy Services South (ESS), and Pipeworx

These three companies perform safety-first, cost-effective pipeline infrastructure construction and related services with comprehensive expertise, using the latest technologies. Their footprint spans North America with Snelson and ESS serving the U.S. and Pipeworx serving Canada.

Capabilities include:

  • Pipeline construction: The experience and safety record of these three companies is unmatched. Highly skilled personnel and equipment can be mobilized to any location. Modern pipeline construction and maintenance techniques and high quality control systems are used.
  • Station and facility construction: Services include construction, upgrades, expansion, and maintenance of stations and pipeline facilities. Projects range from gas plants and water treatment plants to pump stations, compressor stations, storage facilities, and truck or fuel loading facilities.
  • Pipeline maintenance and integrity services: These pipeline companies have an all-encompassing range of maintenance and integrity services. Regulatory compliance, hydro testing of existing lines, smart pig runs, and anomaly repairs are just a few of the services offered under the PLH Group umbrella.
  • Project and construction management services: Project success depends on meticulous attention to detail. Thorough pre-planning services ensure that each project starts correctly, and mutually beneficial schedules are developed and maintained with active customer collaboration.
Southeast Directional Drilling and M&M Pipeline Services

These two companies provide essential specialty services for pipeline infrastructure projects.

Their capabilities include:

  • Horizontal directional drilling: Southeast Directional Drilling is the premier directional driller in the U.S. with more than a century of experience and several record-setting projects under its wing.
  • ROW cleanup and restoration: M&M Pipeline Services is a leading environmental restoration and revegetation provider. Having a PLH Group company dedicated to this role is a distinct advantage over contractors who lack expertise in this area and subcontract these services.

Together, these six PLH Group companies provide a complete, unified and effective EPC solution for pipeline projects, large or small. Pooling the best talent and tools, and keeping safety and compliance top-of-mind, is how PLH Group ensures pipeline infrastructure project success and long-term pipeline integrity.

PLH Group’s impressive history of safety, expertise and collaboration – critical elements for a successful project – sets it apart. Start your project with PLH Group by calling 214-272-0500 or contacting us today.