PLH Entities


The combined entities of PLH Group offer power line owners and operators a full range of ground based and airborne construction, maintenance, inspection and emergency response capabilities. Oil field and industrial owners receive services ranging from electric transmission, distribution and substation construction to automated systems installations and calibration.

  • Edison Power Constructors

    Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, Edison delivers infrastructure construction services in the areas of electric transmission, substation and distribution.

  • Power Line Services

    Power Line Services, Inc. (PLS) is a leading provider of high voltage transmission, substation and distribution construction and maintenance services.

  • R.B. Hinkle Construction

    R.B. Hinkle Construction is a utility installation company specializing in installation of conduit, underground and overhead energized cable, manholes and streetlights through both trenching and directional drilling.

  • Air2

    Air2 is the leading provider and innovator of helicopter construction and maintenance services to the North American electric transmission industry.

  • Auger Services

    Auger Services provides a large array of foundation drilling services and can mobilize its vast specialty equipment fleet to serve their clients throughout North America.

  • TTR Substations

    TTR Substations specializes in Electrical Substation construction, as well as upgrading facilities. TTRS is equipped to handle large and small substation projects.

  • TESSCO Energy Services

    TESSCO is a leading provider of electrical construction and maintenance services to the oil, natural gas and electric utility markets, with a focus on the Permian Basin.

  • TESSCO Industrial Services

    TESSCO is licensed in numerous states throughout the United States to perform industrial, electrical and instrumentation installations and services.


    SUN-ELECTRIC provides services to the oil and natural gas industry, including Oil Field Electrification & Automation and Storm Restoration Services.


PLH Group’s entities provide pipeline services that range from right of way evaluation, restoration and full range of construction service capabilities.

  • Pipeworx

    Pipeworx, an innovative and respected pipeline contractor, is delivering successful projects to the largest oil and gas companies in North America.

  • Snelson Companies

    Snelson Companies offers a range of services, including pipeline and gas distribution, pipeline emergency response, utility and communications installation, as well as construction services.

  • Southeast Directional Drilling

    Southeast Directional Drilling specializes in horizontal directional drilling for natural gas, utility, telecom and pipeline projects.

  • Energy Services South

    Energy Services South builds and services pipelines and station facilities for the oil, natural gas and CO2 industries. ESS is licensed and/or registered in 28 states.