When Forces of Nature Hit Hard – PLH Group Responds

When Forces of Nature Hit Hard – PLH Group Responds

In late August and early September of this year, Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, both powerful Category 4’s, hit the southern US just two weeks apart, causing major devastation and destruction to everything in their paths.

Hurricane Harvey hit the low-lying Texas towns of Beaumont and Houston the hardest, dumping a huge amount of water that caused a complete shut down of power.

Massive Flooding in Beaumont, Texas

Then sixteen days after Hurricane Harvey hit, Irma cut a path of destruction with her 130 mph winds, doing catastrophic damage to the Florida Keys, and continued up along the west coast of Florida then veered east, leaving thousands without power.

Natural disasters, of course, are never the same, and each come with its own set of problems. Hurricane Harvey mostly caused flooding, whereas Irma’s powerful winds did the most destruction.

Regardless, PLH Group is always prepared to respond when forces of nature such as these rear their ugly heads.

Responding to the calls for help, four of the fourteen PLH Group entities have sent crews to Florida and Texas to assist with the massive restoration efforts needed in the aftermath of these storms.

Power Line Services currently has four crews in Texas assisting with American Electric Power Company on emergency response to Harvey. There are also two transmission construction and maintenance crews heading to Florida to assist in recovery efforts as a result of Irma.

Edison Power Constructors has 213 linemen working solely on restoring electric services in Florida, and has just received a call to mobilize teams to Tallahassee, FL.

Air2 has deployed two helicopters to Beaumont, TX to assist the energy giant, Entergy Texas and have also mobilized a MD500 helicopter and a 5 man crew to Houston to assist CenterPoint Energy with their relief efforts. As of today, Air2 has sent two crews, 14 people total, to Florida Power & Light for storm restoration efforts in FL.

Energy Services South, LLC (ESS) has handled emergency hurricane recovery in the past, with each emergency call requiring a unique plan of action. Currently they are on emergency standby for Florida Gas and working on a recovery job in Tallahassee. ESS crews are operator qualified and compliant with all DOT, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials safety training.

Holding true to the PLH Group core value of Integrity, all fourteen PLH Group companies have banded together and set up a donation program to assist with the relief efforts for both Harvey and Irma. Employees are encouraged to donate to the charity of their choice, and PLH Group will match donations and route those funds to the American Red Cross.

Throughout all of these storm restoration efforts, one constant remains, and that is the PLH Group Safety Core Value which enacts safety as a priority with every job throughout PLH Group and is ingrained into how all employees from each entity conduct their business and lives.

When you lead by example and take action in the causes you believe in, others are inspired to follow in your footsteps.

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