PLH Group Continues its Strong Support of Our Nation’s Heroes

PLH Group Continues its Strong Support of Our Nation’s Heroes

PLH Group marked its 5th year supporting Warrior Wellness Solutions (WWS), a non-profit organization that specializes in integrative health approaches, wellness education and training to wounded, ill and injured warriors, their families and caregivers. PLH Group is proud to provide financial support to military veterans, as over the years many veterans have proven to be excellent PLH Group employees, and have made a substantial contribution to the success of the company and its subsidiaries. Military veterans are found throughout the company from senior management to ground crews. These heroes know firsthand that recovery takes time, effort, and proper training in health, wellness and nutrition.

WWS is a unique organization, as its mission to improve the physical and mental health of veterans, service members and their caregivers. Professionals at WWS help veterans reduce pharmaceutical dependency and in turn teaches them about healthy foods, applies Functional Medicine Health Coaching and demonstrates through success how their bodies can heal naturally. Just these few elements have a direct correlation in reducing the risk of suicide. WWS also teaches rehabilitative exercise programs to reduce chronic pain and inflammation, improve tissue repair and restore functional movement. Symptoms of traumatic brain injury (TBI), post-traumatic stress (PTS), blast overpressure, heavy metals toxicity, chronic stress, environmental exposures and sleep deprivation are reduced using these evidence based methods.

Warrior Wellness Solutions is a recipient of the coveted Bob Woodruff Foundation Funding which exclusively supports results oriented veteran programs. Here are just few of the many testimonials from veterans WWS has served:

“This organization, and the people in it literally changed my life..”

“…the best thing that ever happened to me and the organization who impacted my life the most was Warrior Wellness Solutions. You have saved my life.”

“I would not be standing here in front of you if it were not for these people (WWS).”

“After just 6 months of (WWS) integrative nutrition and foundation training I am off all my pain medications and no longer use a cane. My mobility and over (all) life attitude have improved dramatically and transferred over to my family, my wife and my three daughters.”

PLH Group looks forward to continuing its support of Warrior Wellness Solutions.

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