Roadcheck 2015 Part 2

Roadcheck 2015 Part 2

Prepare Now for Roadcheck 2015

The annual Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) International Roadcheck will take place June 2-4. Last week we included a list of helpful hints for early preparation for the vehicle and the driver.

While preparing for Roadcheck 2015, you will want to ensure you cover all of the items on the Traffic Alert from last week as well a as specific focus on cargo securement. The officers at roadside will do a full inspection with an emphasis on securement of your cargo and the quality and condition of your securement devices. Let’s do a quick focused review.

Properly secure all equipment – If your dunnage, tarps, blocks, chains or other tie downs are not being used, they need to be properly secured. This includes brooms, pallet jacks, winches, ratchets, spare tires, etc.

Inspect tie downs for wear and damage – Ensure you check for chipped, cracked or weakened links in chains, check for tears and frays in straps, and look for fittings and anchor points that are damaged or worn out. If your tie downs are weak and worn, they are also ineffective and should be replaced.

Brace and chock cargo – Loads that can shift not only cause crashes but can also cause damage to your equipment. This applies to pick-up beds also.

The most important thing you should know is that ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING carried on a truck must be properly secured to prevent loss of control and to prevent falling cargo from injuring drivers, passengers, pedestrians or other motorists.

Safe cargo principles apply to every single item carried for delivery, as well as anything else on the truck including dunnage, tools, and any other equipment you need to get the job done. Shovels, blocks, webbing, chains, tires, brooms, ratchets, etc., ALL MUST BE SECURED. This also includes items in your pick-up truck bed.

While drivers should always put safety first and make sure they are prepared, and their equipment is prepared for a roadside inspection at any time; special attention should be given to the condition of vehicles, proper cargo securement and having a safe, legal, well rested driver for this three day event.