Roadcheck 2015

Roadcheck 2015

Prepare Now for Roadcheck 2015

The annual Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) International Roadcheck will take place June 2-4. A few helpful hints for early preparation are listed below.


  • Med card up to date
  • Double check expiration of license
  • Log books current and have available hours to drive

Truck/Trailer Paperwork :

  • Check inspection stickers for expiration
  • Check registrations for expiration
  • Copies of each to be in truck/trailer
  • Ensure any permits or IFTA stickers are current


  • Check for missing, non-functioning, contaminated or cracked parts on the brake system
  • Be alert for audible air leaks
  • Check for proper adjustment
  • Ensure the air system maintains air pressure between 90 and 100 psi
  • Inspect the required brake system warning devices (ABS malfunction lamps and low pressure warning)
  • Slack adjusters should be the same length and the air chambers on each axle should be the same size

Coupling Devices:

  • Check safety devices (chains/wire/rope)
  • Lower the fifth wheel and check for missing or damaged parts
  • Verify the locking jaws are around the shank and not the head of the kingpin

Fuel & Exhaust:

  • Check fuel tanks for loose mounting brackets and loose caps
  • Check for signs of leakage in the fuel system and the exhaust

Frame and Trailers:

  • Check for corrosion in frame, missing or defective parts
  • Check the condition of the hoses
  • Inspect all axles
  • Check for broken springs
  • Check the trailer floor and cross members

Suspension :

  • Inspect suspension for indications of misalignment – shifted, cracked or missing springs
  • Check front axle for cracks, welds, and obvious misalignment

Tires, Wheels, Rims, & Hubs:

  • Check tires for proper inflation, cuts and bulges
  • Check tread wear and condition of the sidewall
  • Look for missing or loose lugs
  • Check wheels and rims for cracks
  • Look for bent rims
  • Check the hubs for leaks, missing caps or plugs

Cargo Securement :

  • Check for proper blocking and bracing
  • Check for properly rated chains and condition of chains
  • Check the condition of any straps, must be free of cuts and frays

Lighting :

  • Inspect all lamps for proper color, mounting and visibility

Steering :

  • Check the steering lash