Roadcheck 2016 is Next Week

Roadcheck 2016 is Next Week

Don’t let it catch you by surprise!

During this year’s 72 hour safety blitz, inspectors will focus on tire safety. They will measure tread depth, check air pressure, check between duals for debris, and examine the overall condition of the tire. CVSA chose to direct their focus on tires this year due to the number of tire violations found in the 2015 inspections. Unsafe tires were 15% of the total violations for inspections performed in 2015. Remember, while the main focus will be on tires, most inspectors will perform a full Level 1 DOT inspection of the truck, trailer and driver.

Double check your vehicle and check your personal credentials as well. Make sure you have your logs up to date at all times, keep your license handy, wear your seat belt, check your medical card and BE PREPARED to be inspected.

Tips from a CVE officer:

  1. Neatness counts. When officers see an untidy truck interior, their first thought is “this guy doesn’t really look after things too well, chances are pretty high that there is something wrong with the truck.”
  2. Make your documents easy for the inspector to read. Don’t hand him a lot of expired documents and papers he doesn’t need. If you have paper logs, make sure they are legible and current.
  3. Attitude TOTALLY counts. Be polite and courteous to the officer while he does his job.
  4. Officers don’t have a quota for violations but they do have a quota for inspections. This helps them keep their credentials current. It also helps keep our highways safe as they aim to keep unsafe vehicles and drivers off the road.
  5. If you are doing your pre-trip and post-trip inspections as required, handling preventative maintenance and getting repairs done as things happen – you will always be ready for an inspection of your vehicle.