Safe Driving Will Get You Home

Safe Driving Will Get You Home

Be Alert and Prepared

The best approach to protect yourself and the passengers in your vehicle while on the roadway is to always be alert and prepared for the inconsistent and unsafe actions of others.

Focus your vision on where you need to go: Try to look ahead 20 or 30 seconds so you can be prepared for what is going on in front of you.

  • Keep vehicle centered in the lane
  • Avoid swerving when passing other vehicles
  • Reduce speed to allow for poor conditions

Be aware of your surroundings: This would include things happening 12-20 seconds ahead of you as well as things on the roadway from edge to edge (including the shoulder).

  • Establish a safe following distance
  • Avoid getting yourself boxed in
  • Slow down in intersections with no controls (lights, stop signs etc.)
  • Plan ahead what your next move needs to be (avoid sudden lane changes and turns)

Keep your eyes moving-avoid tunnel vision: Look far and near, check right mirror, inside mirror and then the left. Check all directions around you constantly.

  • Check to the rear before changing lanes or stopping
  • Stay clear of erratic drivers
  • Be careful about letting attractions hold your vision and cause a distraction
  • Check all direction before pulling away from curb or side of road

Always leave yourself an escape route: Always have a little space between you and the other vehicles on both sides, front and rear. You can create this space by choosing the proper lane and the proper speed.

  • Be ready for the unexpected
  • Allow extra following distance when being tailgated
  • Pass only when necessary and ensure you have the space, visibility and distance to do so
  • If the space around your vehicle diminishes, quickly re-establish it
  • Always maintain a safe speed

Make your presence known: Always make sure you communicate with the other drivers.

  • Use your turn signals for lane changes and turns
  • Make eye contact
  • A gentle tap on the horn if necessary
  • Stay out of other the other drivers’ blind spot