School is in Session

School is in Session

Keep the Kids Safe

school-safetyLet’s be honest, things get a little crazy on the roadways when school is in session. Drivers encounter special traffic hazards when driving in or near school zones. You should ALWAYS give school zones special attention but even more so at the beginning of the year as everybody re-learns their driving and walking routines in and around school zones.

Two of the biggest improvements drivers can make to ensure the roads are safer is to pay attention and slow down. Take into consideration that these children are very excited about getting to school and it’s you, the drivers who need to pay attention, be alert and prepared for them to do just about anything.

Obey the Lights
Yellow lights flashing on a school bus are to alert you that they are preparing to load or unload children. This is to help you prepare to take the appropriate action when the bus stops. When you see red, flashing lights and an extended stop sign, which indicates the bus is stopped for loading or unloading children, traffic in BOTH directions must come to a complete stop.

Other Ways to Ensure Safer Driving Conditions:

  • Allow yourself a little more time: Traffic will be increased and school zone speed limits will be reduced.
  • Distractions: Be more aware of your surroundings, kids are short and very hard to see from behind the wheel of a vehicle.
  • Yield to pedestrians: Remember that a pedestrian in a crosswalk has the right-of-way.
  • Stop signs, crossing guards: Observe all traffic control devices and be on the alert for crossing guards with groups of children crossing in crosswalks.
  • Obey the traffic laws: Always come to a complete stop and look both directions before you roll.
  • Cell phones: Cell phone use is against the law in a school zones, even with a hands-free device, in most jurisdictions.
  • Be on the look-out for pedestrians and bicyclists. Pay extra attention when children are present. Remember they are short, fast and inexperienced around traffic.