TESSCO Energy Employee Performs Bucket Rescue

TESSCO Energy Employee Performs Bucket Rescue

We would like to recognize Gilbert Luna with TESSCO Energy for performing a bucket rescue and saving the life of a man working within the vicinity of our crews.

The man was an employee of a competitor working on an adjacent site near where the TESSCO crews were working. The competitor’s crew was in the process of pulling wire underneath an energized line when the employee made contact and collapsed in the bucket.

Gilbert was onsite performing a routine visit of our crews when these events took place.

Our crew heard and saw the flash and informed Gilbert. Gilbert took immediate action and went to the site to investigate. He found employees on the ground a bit dazed and one individual inside the bucket. Two of the employees were attempting to lower the bucket using the lower controls, but were unsuccessful.

Before attempting a bucket rescue, Gilbert assessed the scene and noticed ground sets were not present. He traced out the line and verified it was safe to proceed. Gilbert then successfully lowered the bucket to the ground. While lowering the bucket, Gilbert noticed the hand of the employee in the bucket appear over the side indicating he was conscious.

Gilbert was instrumental in getting the worker out of harm’s way.  In addition, he took it upon himself to have a safety stand down the following morning; discussing these events with our crews and reiterating the importance of grounding and of having a working understanding of the equipment being used.